the location

At the foot of the Rätikon, at the heart of the ꞌBrandnertalꞌ valley, a place with its finger on the pulse of our time. There are certainly many lovely spots in Brand but we have every reason to state that, around 500 years ago, our forefathers sought out one of the very loveliest.

At the heart of where it happens, yet set back from the fuss and noise – Whether it is summer or winter, practically all the villageꞌs facilities are reachable within ten minutesꞌ walk. The mountain railways and the golf-course are particularly close – you can see both from your balcony. The gastronomic heartbeat of the village is in our immediate surroundings, while anyone wishing to show off their own cooking skills finds opportunities for shopping very close-by.

A place in the sun – Consistent with the principle “Live on the south side, sleep on the north side”, all apartments are arranged in such a way that you definitely donꞌt miss out on a single ray of sun! Our favourable location where the valley starts gives us a place in the sun, in the truest sense. With an unobstructed view over the whole valley, you can enjoy the wonderful mountain panorama and breathe in that great sense of freedom.